Training Staff in HIPAA Regulations

by ih-coc admin

Last month, Jay Hodes - President of Colington Consulting, provided comments to the Renal & Urology News regarding the effectiveness of HIPAA Security Awareness Training.  The HIPAA Security Rule requires that all staff of Covered Entities receive annual HIPAA training.  This training is also required for members of a Business Associate workforce that must access any protected health information in conducting services.  

With 80% of HIPAA data breaches caused by human error, training your workforce can help to cut down in costly HIPAA fines and penalties and promote a culture of compliance within in your organization. “At the end of training, the person should walk away feeling like they understand HIPAA better,” Hodes said. “There is nothing worse for an organization than to have someone say after a breach, ‘No one ever told me I couldn't take that laptop home'."  If your organization is investigated for a HIPAA violation or a data breach, documentation you trained your workforce will be asked for by the HHS Office for Civil Rights.  

There are a number of ways training requirements can be accomplished.  Whether using a video presentation, an instructor led class , or a web based program, the goal is being able to meet this annual requirement.  

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