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HIPAA – Why is Compliance So Hard to Achieve?

by ih-coc admin
Almost every day there is another news article announcing breaches large and small. Why is that? Why is compliance so hard to achieve?

The Role of Disclosure Management in Mitigating the Effects of a HIPAA Breach-- Takeaways from the Largest Pediatric Hospital Breach Ever Reported

by ih-coc admin
On May 23, 2018, Boys Town National Research Hospital in Omaha, NE, "internationally recognized as a leader in clinical and research programs focusing on childhood deafness, visual impairment and related communication disorders” uncovered a data security breach.

HIPAA – A Role of the Compliance Dice

by ih-coc admin
Some organizations may view HIPAA compliance as a roll of the dice because, let’s face it, the chances of any type of random audit are slim to none.

HIPAA Requirements for Web App Development for Medical Websites

HIPAA Requirements for Web App Development for Medical Websites

by Yenny (SU)
If you are part of the medical community, you are probably well aware of HIPAA, and the importance of maintaining compliance when it comes to Protected Health Information (PHI). But, do you really understand what you need to do to make sure your web application development for your website is HIPAA compliant?

HIPAA Requirements – Still Posing a Challenge for Healthcare Organizations and Business Associates

by ih-coc admin
HIPAA training and education is cost effective and plays a critical role in reducing or even eliminating breaches caused by human error that can result in substantial fines.